Candlewood Cabins, a beautiful boutique destination consisting of five distinctly unique and innovative accommodations, is a fantastic source of inspiration for our Hideaways. Candlewood is set in the rolling hills of Richland County, Wisconsin, USA.

Starting as a single cabin, the site rapidly expanded to fill the beautiful 80-acre home of owners Norbert and Susan. Candlewood aims to provide every guests with ‘the space to relax, enjoy the surroundings and unplug’, and we think they really delivered some exceptional rooms.

The first of the Candlewood range we would like to highlight is their aptly named ‘Glass House’, which is a stunning design. The wood cabin is clad in floor to ceiling glass windows, creating a space with immense natural light and beautiful views of the surrounding environment.

Christmas is literally just around the corner and if you're anything like us, you may feel as though there's still a lot left to do before the main event, including some gifts to sort. We may be able to help out with a 10% discount off a stay with us in 2021.