Candlewood Cabins, a beautiful boutique destination consisting of five distinctly unique and innovative accommodations, is a fantastic source of inspiration for our Hideaways. Candlewood is set in the rolling hills of Richland County, Wisconsin, USA.

Starting as a single cabin, the site rapidly expanded to fill the beautiful 80-acre home of owners Norbert and Susan. Candlewood aims to provide every guests with ‘the space to relax, enjoy the surroundings and unplug’, and we think they really delivered some exceptional rooms.

The first of the Candlewood range we would like to highlight is their aptly named ‘Glass House’, which is a stunning design. The wood cabin is clad in floor to ceiling glass windows, creating a space with immense natural light and beautiful views of the surrounding environment.

The wood and glass aesthetic gives it a lovely contemporary feel, with the theme continuing inside the space, the fixings and furniture following suit. The cabin looks amazing in the early evening as the sun sets, with the warm orange lighting spilling out and mixing with the shadows of the fire bowl located on the outside social area. Truly a refreshing and liberating design. Their ‘Meadow House’ employs a similar design, with a lot of glass and woods to give it the same effect, but in a more open environment as then name suggests. These two designs would work well in combination with some of our own ideas for our luxury garden rooms and structures, inclusive of our own bespoke touches and intricacies, which would we think create great air bnb options for UK garden owners.

The second of Candlewood’s repertoire that we love is the larger ‘Woodland House’. This space uses a mix of darker wood and light to accentuate the unique design of the getaway location. The design reminds us of a lighthouse, with the spiral staircase rising to a lookout room at the top of the building, again walled by glass to allow for that all important natural light and also adding to the lighthouse esc effect. The design follows suit with the previous structures mentioned, with the interior matching the exterior in its colour coordination and theme. The fittings are all quality, and this space, the same as the others, has all the amenities you could ever need. The design of the ‘Woodland House’ blends nicely into its natural environment, and shows how important it is to be aware of how the design will look in contrast to its surroundings. We take this into account with all of our designs, from a more contemporary garden room and Pop-Up structure to something more boutique, it is all dependent on the setting and environment selected for the design.

We hope to one day get over there and stay in these beautiful cabins ourselves, but until that day comes we can enjoy them from the stunning pictures featured on their website here:  https://www.candlewoodcabins.com/

We urge you to head over to their stunning website, and if you are able to book a stay in their beautiful cabins. You won’t regret it!

Thank you so much to the Calnin family for allowing us to share pictures of their amazing cabins on our site, and to show what inspired some of our design elements in our Hideaways.

With our Hideaways we aspire to bring our bespoke garden rooms and mold them into a design to fit your space to create a unique hideaway. Whatever the use, from garden office to spare bedroom or rental prospect, our designs will blend seamlessly into its environment, be that contemporary or otherwise. Combining luxury garden rooms with the boutique, whatever fits your fancy, your Hideaway will be the perfect custom garden building just right for you and your home.